Hope in Harmony


HopeHarmony2When the Lakelanders Barbershop Chorus says, “We sing. We serve.” They really mean it. While the chorus is first and foremost a musical group that practices and performs the American art of Barbershop Singing, their mission extends beyond personal enjoyment and entertainment to making a difference in the lives of others.


Three community organizations are the beneficiaries of the Lakelanders’ focus on philanthropy. Each has a focus on a specific type of need but they all strive to provide the kind of services and support that give hope to people who are experiencing a difficult time in their lives.

The mission of these organizations is reflected in the word “Hope” that is found in each of their names so it is very fitting that the Barbershoppers have named their philanthropy “Hope in Harmony.” To the Lakelanders, providing “Hope” means contributing the proceeds from events and concerts to these charitable organizations. It also means collaborating with them to bring a greater awareness of their mission to the surrounding communities.


The Lakelanders invite you to enjoy the entertainment of barbershop singing at their concerts and events. If you are a man who enjoys singing, please join us as we raise money by raising our voices for “Hope in Harmony.”

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